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Digital Marketing Plan

Help to choose the most effective way to create a marketing strategy for your business and turn that strategy into real action to achieve company goals.

The importance of this digital plan is to understand the target market you want to reach, so that each line involved can have the same direction, and make the available resources effective.

We provide Planning Documents according to the Client’s desired goals. Includes the preparation of strategies, timelines, channels and budgets

Content Production

Assist the process of creating and developing content in the form of visuals (photos and videos), audio and scripts. The importance of this content creation is to increase the audience’s brand awareness of the company. We understand the basics of Content Marketing and create fresh creative ideas so that they can resonate with the Company’s Brand and Target Market a.k.a audience.

We provide design and produce content in the form of Visual such as Photos and Videos, Audio and Scripts. Which can be distributed in various media such as Youtube, Instagram, TikTok and other channels.

KOL Management

Help bridge the Company with KOLs and influencers to advertise products or companies in order to increase brand awareness or popularity of products or companies. Helping Companies to choose KOLs and Influencers that match the Company’s Brand.

The importance of KOL Management is to become a driving element for the Company to find out the audience engagement rate and content created and promoted by KOL and Influencers. So that the Company can find KOLs and influencers that match the Brand and Company. Creating good communication between the Company and KOL.

We make it easy for companies to research the audience of KOL and Influencers. So that the Company can find KOL and influencers that are in accordance with the Brand or Company, in order to achieve the Company’s goals in increasing audience confidence in the Product or Company.

Media Release

Help create content or materials for media releases when the Company organizes events such as grand openings, product launches and other activities.

Importance of Media Release, Media release is the most effective way to provide information to the media about the company’s events, problems or programs.

SEO Support

Help optimize the company’s website so that it can appear in the top rankings on search engines such as Google, Bing and other media. The higher the ranking of a company’s website on search engines, the more likely it is to get a lot of visits.

The importance of SEO Support is because the more people see the Company’s website, the more online traffic on the site, the greater the opportunity for the Company to provide Products or Services to a wider market.

We provide Professional SEO Support services to companies who want to increase traffic to the company’s website. Get the best support from the professionals we have.

Web Development

Help create, improve and manage your Company’s Website and Applications.

The Importance of Web Development, In today’s digital world it is a must for every company to have its own website and application. This website and application is the main gateway for outsiders who want to know more about the Company.

We provide website and application creation services in accordance with the company’s brand image, so that the target market can easily identify and get to know the company from the website and application.

Digital Ads

Help improve Sales performance by getting your business online, increase revenue with powerful digital marketing strategies from our experts. The importance of digital Ads is to promote business to all levels of society through digital media that can be easily connected via an internet connection. Thus, potential customers can more easily find and get to know the products or those offered by the Company.

We provide professional services in the field of digital ads that will provide the best performance to maximize your company’s social media presence.

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